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How to Enroll in a Continuing Education (CE) Class
Students must submit a completed course registration form and make payment for a class before enrollment is processed. We suggest you complete the course registration form, then email it to lifelink@ohiohealth.com or fax it to (614) 566-8077. Immediately after sending, call the LifeLink office at (614) 566-9111 Option 1 to confirm our receipt of your registration form and the enrollment status of the class requested. You can then pay for your class with a credit/debit card by phone. See the applicable course registration form for current fees.
Once we receive the completed registration form, confirm that the class date has open enrollment, and payment has been made, LifeLink will issue the student a written enrollment confirmation and any applicable student materials. Typically the confirmation and materials are sent to the student about 3 weeks prior to the class. Students that show up at a class location without pre-registering, making payment and receiving the written enrollment confirmation must reschedule for another class date.
Register for classes as early as possible.
The online schedule is updated often; however, because class logistics,
incoming registrations, etc change frequently, the online schedule
may not always indicate the most current enrollment status of a class.
This means class enrollment may close after you've checked the online schedule
and its availability with the LifeLink office.
If class enrollment has already closed when we receive your registration and payment
in the office, you will be notified so that you may choose another class date.
Fees, Transfer Requests, Cancellations and No-Shows
All course registrations, course transfer requests, & cancellations must be received 4 or more days prior to the first day of a course. Course transfer requests received 3 or less days prior to the first day of a course are subject to a $25 course transfer fee. Cancellations received 3 or less days prior to the first day of a course will forfeit one-half of their course fees. Cancellations without notice (“no-shows”) forfeit all course fees & will not receive a refund.
Classes Conducted by Other AHA Training Centers
The AHA requires all authorized Training Centers to provide access to student manuals for all participants enrolled in AHA classes. LifeLink does not loan copies of student manuals to anyone taking a class conducted by another Training Center.
Please contact the Training Center conducting the class for access to student manuals. If a student manual is not provided by the Training Center, participants should be told by the Training Center how to obtain the required student manuals.
Class Schedule and Course Registration Forms
Class Schedule
Course Registration Form for all course types
OhioHealth Interdepartmental Transfer of Funds (Cost Transfer) Form
Classes We Teach
Continuing Education Class and Program List
On-Site Group Classes
Request a Group Class for your Organization
Educational Partners
Educational Partners and Organizations
Each student must meet specific courses prerequisites and sign a learning contract before class. During the course, in skills stations and in testing, each student will act as a team leader. Each is responsible for managing a scenario-based patient presentation, that incorporates a  variety of patient care assessments, presentations and techniques, without making any critical errors or having a significant delay in the assessment and care of the patient. Scenarios may include any content presented in the course, text and CD-ROM, ECC Handbook, algorithms or other materials.
ECG recognition and emergency pharmacology are prerequisites to the ACLS and PALS course. This information will not be taught in class and is required to successfully complete course requirements.
All LifeLink ACLS and PALS students will be sent a student manual and other materials before class. The information in these materials is very important.
AHA E-learning Courses
Online AHA Courses
The only approved online American Heart Association courses for healthcare professionals.
AHA Skills Evaluations for EMS Professionals    
LifeLink conducts e-learning skills evaluations for EMS professionals only. EMTs and Paramedics that have successfully completed Heartcode ACLS Part 1, Heartcode BLS Part 1 or BLS for Healthcare Providers Online Part 1 may call LifeLink at (614) 566-9111 Option 1 to schedule a skills evaluation.
If you are not an EMT or Paramedic and you need to complete your skills evaluation, please visit the American Heart Association's ECC Class Connector and search for classes and other training centers. You should call the Training Centers listed to determine they're availability to conduct skills evaluations. Many Training Centers have restrictions and may not be available to conduct skills evaluations for everyone.
AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care
AHA CPR and ECC website
AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC 2010 website
AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC 2010 documents
AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC 2010 presentations
AHA Journals
AHA Mission:Lifeline STEMI Systems of Care
AHA Mission:Lifeline Ohio
AHA Mission:Lifeline Ohio Resource Map
My.AmericanHeart for Professionals
How to Become an AHA Instructor
To enroll in an AHA Instructor course, you must be aligned with an authorized AHA Training Center and meet all course prerequisites. Contact an authorized AHA Training Center for information.
National Registry
NREMT Recertification Requirements
Ohio Division of EMS
Ohio Division of EMS Continuing Education Requirements



For more information about Outreach Education classes, call (614) 566-9111 Option 1
or send e-mail to: lifelink (at) ohiohealth (dot) com
LifeLink continuing education programs are intended only to introduce or further enhance knowledge and skills. Authorization to perform any procedure, skill or technique and the like, and certification or licensure is not implied or granted.
Future performance, retention of knowledge, competency, and the like are not implied or guaranteed. The issuance or possession of certificates, provider cards, letters of attendance and the like, participation in or completion of an educational offering do not indicate a participant's knowledge, expected behavior or capacity to perform.
Grant Medical Center LifeLink Is Approved By the State Of Ohio, Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS As A Continuing Education Provider (Approval #2084).
Ohio Division of EMS
The Ohio Board of Nursing accepts "a CE activity that has been approved by an agency that regulates a health care profession or discipline in Ohio or another jurisdiction."
CE approved by the State Of Ohio, Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS meets Ohio Board of Nursing CE requirements.
Ohio Board of Nursing
Grant Medical Center LifeLink is an authorized provider of all American Heart Association ECC courses including: BLS, ACLS, PALS, and PEAR.
The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and PEARS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by The American Heart Association, and fees charged for such courses do not represent income to The American Heart Association.
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